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Protection Bind Rune Luggage Tag

Protection Bind Rune Luggage Tag

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Give an added boost of protection to  your luggage with our Protection Bind Rune Luggage Tag. The Protection bind rune combines two powerful runes: the splayed hand of Algiz and Sowilo, the lifeforce. Algiz offers powerful protection, while Sowilo acts to ensure victory and guidance. By using this bindrune you can bring an added level of protection to your bags, and an extra level of protection on your journeys. *

Our acrylic luggage tags come with a card insert slot on the back where you can enter your contact information. They're super lightweight, so that they add no weight to baggage allowance (and let's face it, sometimes every ounce counts!). Each tag comes with a durable leather strap that can be easily changed to a different if desired. 

• Material: 100% acrylic
• Size: 2.4” × 4”
• One printed side with glossy finish
• Comes with an adjustable leather strap
• Rear slot for personal, information card included

*We cannot guarantee that a loss of luggage will not occur by using this tag but a little extra help certainly can’t hurt, especially if your intentions are strong!

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