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Moonlit Travelers

Keys to the Future Tarot Cloth Mat

Keys to the Future Tarot Cloth Mat

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Unlock your future with our Keys to the Future Tarot cloth mat and bring a dose of positive energy to your readings and help aid in your accuracy. Made from 100% cotton for enhanced grounding, this mat will last though as many reading as you can see in your future! Featuring 3 card placements with reading prompts, celestial energy from the sun & moon, neutral crystals (use these spots to place your own), yes/no/maybe for quick pendulum readings and a feather to represent Spirit if you don't have one handy. You will love the vibes this mat will bring you as you open the doors to the future. It's in the cards!

• 100% Cotton - Natural materials for enhanced grounding 
• 18" × 14"
• 3 card spread layout for mini readings
• Card prompts for quick readings 
• Pendulum answer guides (yes/no/maybe) for fast answers
• Perfect for the "on-the-go" Witch or Divinator!🧹🎴🔮✨

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